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Julio Anta Bio

  • " "

    Julio Anta owns Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense one of South Florida’s most successful and recognized martial arts/fitness centers. He was born in 1957 and began studying martial arts at 14 years old. He began bodybuilding shortly after in his late teens. Anta was also a Corrections Officer for 10 years and a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He currently writes a column for his community newspaper the Live Doral and Ciudad Doral. He is the author of "Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness" Book. Anta created "Anta's Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying" program and DVD. He also created "Awakened the Warrior Within" Life Skills Program. Below are some of his credentials, certifications and awards:


    -Kung Fu Master
    -Judokickbox Red/Black Belt 2nd Dan (2nd degree black belt)
    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Instructor
    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Law Enforcement and Edge Weapon Instructor
    -Tran's Muay Thai Association certified instructor Level 3 Kru
    -Krav Maga certified instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Counter Terrorism
    -Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Instructor
    -Gracie Jiu Jitsu blue belt at Valenti Brothers Jiu Jitsu
    -Burn with Kearns MMA Fighter Fit Level 3 Instructor
    -Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association Action Strength Instructor
    -HKC HardStyle Kettlebell Certification
    -CICS Certified Indian Club Specialist
    -Elite Combat Fitness Instructor
    -Elite Kettlebell Instructor
    -Kettlebell Concepts Instructor
    -IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
    -Battling Ropes Instructor
    -ICSDA SABER Edge Weapon Combatives Instructor
    -Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
    -Kardio Karate Instructor
    -Pilates Instructor
    -ISSA Fitness Instructor
    -Martial Arts for Peace Bully Busters
    -National Security Agency Child Safety
    -American Council of Martial Arts Cooper Institute

    -ICSDA (International Combat Self Defense Association) Advisory Board
    -2011 PMA Best Martial arts School in Doral
    -2010 Century Gold Award
    -2010 Dr Rolando Espinosa K-8 School Award
    -2009 Best of Doral Martial Arts Award
    -2009 Century Mark of Excellence Award
    -2006 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master
    -2006 World Martial Arts Union Hall of Fame Life Achievements
    -2006 Miami Dade County Certificate of Appriciation
    -2006 Captain of the runners up in the South Florida Dragon Boat Festival 250 Meter Kung Fu Cup
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Outstanding Martial Arts School”
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Hero Award”
    -2005 Proclamation “Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense Day” City of Doral
    -2004 Miami Dade County “Martial Arts Excellence Award”
    -2003 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year”
    -2003-2004 Co-holders of the World Simultaneous Kicking Record
    -1998 Florida PBA Certificate of Appreciation
    -1983 2nd runner up Jr. Florida Bodybuilding Championships
    -1983 2nd runner up Miami Bodybuilding Championship

    For his full biography log on to Anta Kung Fu and Miami Kettlebell