Democrats Continual Betrayal of Cuban-Americans

One of my pet peeves is classifying all people that speak Spanish as hispanic or latino and thinking that all hispanics are liberals or democrats. We all have a different American experience. 

Nationwide, 58% of Cuban-American registered voters say they affiliate with or lean toward the Republican Party, while 38% identify with the Democratic Party.  As oppose to Hispanic voters who are not Cuban 65% are democrats while 32% are Republican. I’ve heard some statistics that are even higher stating that Cuban-Americans are 70% Republican. 

Yet, most people classify us as hispanic and think we lean towards the democratic party. You might wonder why we don’t? 

We did not come to America for economical reasons. We came for political reasons. 

We are grateful to be in the greatest country in the history of the world. We’ve intergraded into the American society and dream. We are Americans first. 

Cuba before Castro and the oppression of communism was a strong Allied and neighbor of the USA. We lost our country that was prosperous, successful and had a great economy to the lies of communism. Cuban-Americans are anti-communist/socialist/Marxist. 


We have been betrayed by democrats since John F. Kennedy until today. Let me tell you why. Let's start with the Bay of Pigs. 

Bay of Pigs

The betrayal of Cuban-Americans by the democratic party started on April 17, 1961 with the John F. Kennedy’s betrayal of the Brigade 2506 what is known as the Bay of Pigs. 

1400 men Cuban exiles and Americans went back to Cuba to overthrow the government of Fidel Castro approved by President John F. Kennedy. The plan was to invade Cuba by air and sea. At the last moment Kennedy pulled the air support, artillery, weapons and ammunition supply. 

134 Cuban exiles and Americans were killed and 176 Cuban soldiers were killed in the Bay of Pigs invasion. With everything that went wrong the brave freedom fighters were winning.Kennedy’s betrayal lead to the death and capture of these brave warriors. The Cuban Freedom Fighters blood was in JFK hands.If Kennedy would have not betrayed these brave warriors they would have won. Cuba would have been prosperous and free today as it was before the horrors of communism. 


Cuban Missiles Crises

In 1962 the USSR started deploying medium and intermedium range missiles to Cuba aimed at the USA. What is called as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Due to elections under way Kennedy first denied that there were missiles in Cuba. Then Air Force U-2 spy plane produced clear photographic evidence of medium and inter-medium ballistic missiles. 

Kennedy ordered a naval blockade on October 22 to prevent further missiles deployed to Cuba. After intense negotiations, an agreement was reached between Kennedy and Khrushchev. the Soviets would dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba in exchange for a US public declaration and agreement to not invade Cuba again. 

As many Cubans that were in the island at that time know the Soviets did not dismantle the missiles they just moved them to the Sierra Maestra mountains. 


Jimmy Carter

Referred to dictator Fidel Castro as his personal friend.

Called for the unconditional removal of Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism.

Denounced the U.S. embargo of Cuba

Carter was a friend of Castro and communism Cuba not us Cuban Americans. I remember my grandfather say don’t call him Jimmy. Jimmy is what you call a friend. He is James he is not our friend.  

Mariel Boat Lift: The Mariel Boat Lift even though it brought some great law bidding citizens to the USA from Cuba it was a total disaster.After 10,000 Cubans tried to gain asylum at the Peruvian embassy, the Cuban government announced that anyone who wanted to leave could do so. 

Fidel Castro wanted to get rid of all the undesirable Cubans due to the terrible economic crisis. He allowed Cuban-Americans to come in boats and pickup their family members. 

Yet, there was catch to it. When you arrived you had to also take what Castro considered undesirables. You might be wondering who were the undesirables? People in Cuban prisons, mental institutes and homosexuals. Ironically most democrats are for gay rights yet, they support and have said great things about Castro and communism. It’s a mystery to me how you can support communism and gays rights at the same time. 

You might have seen the movie Scare Face, well that is exactly what happen. Crime rates and drug trafficking skyrocketed with the arrival of the criminals from cuban prisons and mental institutions. 


Clintons Betrayal of Cuban-Americans

Before Clinton we had The Cuban Adjustment Act, Public Law 89-732, was a United States federal law enacted on November 2, 1966. Passed by the 89th United States Congress and signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. The bipartisan passed law applies to any citizen of Cuba who has been inspected and admitted or paroled into the United States after January 1, 1959 and has been physically present for at least one year; and is admissible to the United States as a permanent resident.

Dry foot wet foot: The wet feet, dry feet policy or wet foot, dry foot policy was established by Bill Clinton in 1995. The new policy was that if you made to the US land you could stay. Yet, if caught at sea they would send you back. 

Before Clinton’s wet foot, dry foot Cubans could come to America escaping from communism. The coast guard could rescue and assist them bringing them to America if found at sea.. 

Elian: On Thanksgiving Day in 1999, Elián was found clinging to an inner tube in the Atlantic Ocean three miles off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. Elián was defecting to Florida in a small boat with his mother, his stepfather and 10 other Cubans when the boat capsized. His mother and step-father drowned. He was the only survivor. He stayed with family members in Miami’s Little Havana. 

January 10, 2000 a Florida state court ruled that he could stay with with his Miami relatives until further custody hearings. Janet Reno objected and said that it was up to the federal court.  

The Clinton administration deported him to Cuba. This was lead by Janet Reno who was the attorney general under Clinton. Ironically Reno was born in Miami and was elected Dade County Prosecutor and State Attorney getting the Cuban American vote against a Cuban American. Reno knew of our struggles and believes. 

Yet, with no consideration for the anti-communist Cuban-American cause she ordered an armed  raid on the U.S. relatives’ Miami home that would ultimately return the young refugee to the oppressed communist country of Cuba. 

This was very hard times for us anti-communist Cuban Americans everyone white Americans, African Americans and other hispanics were Cuban-American bashing toward our believes on keeping Elian in America. Believe me working at South Florida Reception Center a prison in Miami as a FDLE instructor teaching cultural diversity I heard all the attacks on us Cuban-Americans.   

Brothers to the Rescue: In 1996 two Brothers to the Rescue planes were shoot down my Cuban MIG’s in international waters. Brothers to the rescue would rescue Cuban’s defecting from the horrors of communism at sea. 60,000 Cubans have died at sea.

Shooting down a civilian aircraft with American flags on a humanitarian mission should be considered an act of war against the United States. Yet all that President Bill Clinton did was strengthen the embargo. 

You still wondering why Cuban-Americans are not democrats. It gets worse with Obama. 


When Obama first spoke before he was elected I said his speech sounded just like Fidel Castro. People told me I was crazy. They said you Cuban’s think everyone is communist. I later found out that Obama’s mom and his maternal parents were part of the Hawaiian communist party. His Father was also a communist. I have a saying a Cuban-American can smell a communist.

The church Obama went to the Trinity United Church of Christ pastored by Jeremiah Brown was not only a racist, anti-American church but communist. Black Liberation Theology is the mixture of Christianity and Marxism. Black Liberation Theologians James Cone and Cornel West have embedded Marxism into the black churches since the 1970’s. Black Liberation Theology grew out from a group of the communist Catholic church in Latin America called Latin American LiberationTheology. 

Obama used Marxist strategies to divide America. Dividing white, blacks, hispanics and the police. Same strategies Castro used in Cuba. 

“We will take America without firing a shot ... we will bury you!

“We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.

“We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. 

Sound familiar, numerous democrats with it’s leader Bernie Sanders pushing socialism. 49% of Generation Z 16-23 year olds in a 2020 poll support socialism.   

Treaty with Cuba, friend of Castro

Obama praised Raul Castro and had a great time with his friend in Cuba. Obama eases trade with Cuba and got noting back in return. He allows travel to Cuba. Americans to spend money in Cuba. Cruise lines to go to Cuba. Originally the cruises to Cuba were open to everyone except Cuban-Americans. Cuban-Americans protested and were then able to go on the cruise. He opened the embassy in Cuba. 

Obama took a photo at memorial in Revolution Square on March 21, 2016 in Havana, Cuba

in front the mural of a racist, terrorist, mass murderer who oversaw concentration camps in Cuba.  Ernesto “Che” Guevara. 

Stoped wet foot dry foot: A few days before Obama left office he ended the 20 year old wet foot dry foot. That meant that Cubans that risked their lives from the communist oppression of Cuba would be sent back. Which most likely lead to beatings lost of jobs and prison time. How hypocritical the party that claims to be for minority rights and freedom have open borders for Mexicans and Central Americans were people get extorted and woman rape by Coyotes. Gang members, criminals and terrorist can come in to our country. Yet Cubans looking for political freedom are sent back. So people wonder why Cuban-Americans are not democrats. 



Biden wants to reestablish Obama’s relationship and travel with Cuba

Worse part is his communist agenda The Critical Race Theory which is how to divide a country straight from the communist manifesto.


Other Reasons why most Cuban Americans are not Democrats

Since we lost Cuba once one of the most prosperous countries in the world to communism we are success capitalist in America. Fox News What Made America Great feature us Cuban-Americans. They explained how we came from oppression communism with nothing, succeeded and built Miami-Dade County to what it is today. They spoke on how we came legally and became the most successful hispanic immigrants to come to America.  

Democrats support Antifa who started in the 1930’s as the paramilitary Germany Communist Party and funded by the soviet union. 

They also support Black Lives Matter. The founders of Black Lives Matter—Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza have said that they were “trained Marxists.” 

Which Presidents supported Cuban-Americans? It started with President Eisenhower, followed by President Nixon, President Reagan and President Trump have supported the Cuban-American cause. Both Bush were also OK. That is one of the main reasons why most Cuban Americans are Republican’s while other Hispanics are Democrats’.

We lost Cuba to communism and today some members of the democratic party believe in socialism and communism. Some have even praised Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. 

The Israelis have a saying the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I believe that the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Communism to me is like the KKK to African Americans, Nazi’s to Jews.

As my dad would say if we lost America to communism were would we go? So, we have to fight communism, socialism, Marxism to the end. 

I hope you can understand why the Cuban-American experience is different than than the other hispanic experience in America. 




Che Guevara, Murderer, White Supremest, Homophobic, Coward

As a Cuban American I am insulted when I see the image of Ernesto “Che” Guevara.  To us Cuban Americans he is what the Nazis are to Jews and the KKK are to African Americans. He was to Castro what Himmler was to Hitler. A cold blooded murder.


I hope that I can educate at least one person on who the real Che Guevara was. Che was a White Supremest, Murderer, Homophobic, Coward. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was influenced by the Nazis that went to Argentina after they were defeated in WWII. As many as 5,000 SS Officers and Nazi Party members were thought to have gone to Argentina after the fall of the Third Reich. 

Murder and Executioner

Che Guevara was Castro’s chief executioner presiding over La Cabana prison. Che’s policy of killing innocent people gave him the nickname the Butcher of La Cabana. Yet, too many he is an idol. Che was quoted saying “In times of doubt you must execute them.”

This is one of Guevara’s famous quotes, “We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish socialism, rivers of blood must flow.” Che wrote a letter to his father and stated, “I’d like to confess, at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.” 

 Che was a monstrous murderer and fanatical communist ideologue. He ruthlessly ordered the execution of thousands of prisoners in Cuba without a fair trial. Cuban journalist Luis Ortega, who knew Che since 1954, wrote in his book “Yo Soy El Che!” (I am Che) that Guevara sent 1,897 men to their death by firing squad.

Felix Rodriguez is a Cuban-American CIA operative who tracked Guevara down in Bolivia and was the last person to question him. Rodriguez said that Che during his final talk, admitted to “a couple thousand” executions. But he shrugged them off as all being of “imperialist spies and CIA agents.” 

Karma: Che Pleads for his Life and is Executed

Felix also stated how Che pleaded for his life like a coward. Che told him he was worth more alive than dead. As a Cuban-American I am proud to say that there was a Cuban-American involved in tracking and capturing this murderous communist. Karma Strikes Guevara. On October 9, 1967, Guevara age 39 was given a taste of his own medicine by the the U.S. military backed Bolivian forces. Guevara was executed!   


Photo Of The Coward Pleading For His Life. This He Look Like  A Brave Hero As Hollywood and the Left Portrait Him?

Is this a coincidence or what? The most feared man in Hitler’s National Socialism Party Adolph Eichmann fled to Argentina Che’s hometown. While living there he was captured by the MASSAD and executed on May 31, 1962 in Israel. That was just 5 years before Guevara was executed in Bolivia by the Bolivian military. Both white supremest murdering monsters got what they deserved.

The World Glorifies A White Supremest, Murderer, Homophobic, Coward

 Che Guevara hated America and anything related to America which included rock music. Left wing politicians, Hollywood elites, the media, athletes and musicians idolize him and have glorified him. As well as most Latin American countries. 

I was speaking to a friend that came to the U.S.A. from Mexico. He told me that he use to think that Che was a great man. That his father and most Mexican glorify him. He told me that not until he moved to Miami did he hear the truth about Che and the horrors of communism from the Cuban Americans. 

Recently I was speaking to one of my Argentinian student and friend. He told me that he doesn’t understand how Latin American countries and even here in the U.S.A. they glorify Che. He said that in Argentina he is not such a big deal as he is in the rest of Latin America and that he is not glorified. 

My Father’s Encounter with Che

I have many stories to tell you some passed on to me by my father, Julio Cesar Anta who knew Guevara, some by friends and research I’ve done of the real Che Guevara. My father knew the Castro brothers and Che. I want to tell you the truth and clear the lies of the Hollywood movies, books, celebrities and media that glorify him as an idealist and hero. I also have many stories of how myself, friends and family have confronted the communist/socialist who praise, glorify and spread the lies of Che Guevara. 

When my father was working at a rice mills moving rice bags in Bayamo, Oriente, Cuba he ran into Che, Fidel, Raul and who knows what other communist. They were running from Batista’s men. He hid them. When Batista’s men came asking if he had seen them he said no. He regretted doing that since he later found out that Che and Fidel were communist. He felt that hiding Che and the Castro brothers was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. My dad was always anti-communist. His father was sent to Cuba from Spain at around 16 years old because the communist were trying to kill him. You can read more about this on this blog’s article "Fooled by Communism/Socialism"

My Father Witness Che Coward in Sierra Maestra Mountains

My dad was driving his jeep in Bayamo when Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, and their men told him that they needed his jeep and took him to Sierra Maestra Mountains. Not complying would be considered treason and he could have been put in jail or shot in front of a firing squad.

They took my dad for days to the mountains and my mom had no idea what had happen to him. While in the mountains my father had to taste Fidel Castro’s food just in case one of his men was trying to poison him. 

He told me that they heard a sound from far that could have been a gun shot. Yet, he didn’t think it was a gun shots. Fidel and Che hid under a table. Raul who was peeing with his penis hanging from his fly pulled out his gun and started looking to see were the possible shots came from. Yet, while Raul was prepared to do battle Fidel and Che hid like cowards. Che the mass murderer that executed people himself and ordered firing squads without trials coward as usual. 

My Glorifying Che in Punta Cana Encounter

In August 2012 I was in a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. There was a show that we went to honoring hispanic music and musicians. They started naming Spanish musicians and singers. When they got to Argentina someone in the crowed screams out Che Guevara. The MC in agreement says Che Guevara. I screamed out murdering, communist coward. Some one in the crowd yelled yes. Others clapped. The MC replies yes, he is correct. My wife wasn’t too happy with my remarks. As I was walking out I had a few people shake my hand in gratitude. 

People of Color and Celebrities Idolize The White Supremest Murderer

Che Guevara was a white supremacist. Argentinean born of European decent (Spanish and Irish decent). Fidel Castro and just about all of his top officials in Cuba after the Cuban Revolution were white of European decent. 

I don’t understand how people of color and celebrities such Jay Z, Colin Kaepernick,  and Carlos Santana glorify and wear Che Guevara T-shirts. Jay Z and Beyonce went to Cuba praising Che and the revolution. Jesse Jackson while visiting with Fidel Castro on a visit to Havana in 1984 screamed out “Viva Che!” Could Jackson an American Civil Rights Activist who was a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination in 1984 and 1988 be that ignorant. Or maybe due to his pro-communist/socialist views he seems to over look the fact that Che was a white supremest racist.    

Even Prince Harry was photographed wearing a Che t-shirt in his younger years. What do you expect this is the same guy that dressed as a Nazi for Halloween. It’s ironic that he sympathized with Che and Nazis, yet married a woman of color and mixed race. 

New York Governor De Blasio quoted Che in Miami when he was running for the democratic president nomination.  “Hasta la victoria, siempre.’” which translates to ‘Ever on to victory!’ which was a mantra for Guevara. This guy couldn’t be brightest. How can you quote a communist in Miami a city with a huge population of Cubans and Cuban-Americans.

Che Abuses Dog

While fighting in the Sierra Maestra he finds a sick dog and adopts it. He claimed that he loved the puppy. Latter while hiding from Batista’s men the puppy started whimpering so Che broke the puppies neck. This is the so call hero glorified by communist, socialist, numerous countries around the world and the left in America.

Hollywood Glorifies Che

Numerous Hollywood movies glorify Che by mentioning him in a positive way or showing the hero’s wearing Che T-shirts. Here are 2 that I saw this last year. 

Watching The Amazon Prime series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel they gave positive recognition to Che in the same scene that they spoke negative of Stalin. Ironically Che and Stalin both were murderers and had the same ideology of communism. In the Netflix series The Handmaids Tale they they also praised Che. 

Hollywood made a movie glamorizing the racist, murdering, terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara. The movie “Che” starred Benicio Del Torro. 

Guevara’s Hate and mistreatment of Blacks 

Che wrote in his diary “the black is indolent and a dreamer, spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink, the European has a tradition of work and saving.” He also called black Venezuelans "examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing.” He literally was saying the blacks were dirty people and did not bathe. Ironic because he was known to smell due to not bathing. 

Che sent to the firing squad many people that were members of Batista’s army, and these mostly were black and mulatto (mixed black with white). Batista himself was mulatto.”

Watching the documentary “Guevara: anatomia de un MITO” (Guevara: Anatomy of a MYTH)  I found out that he had 2 nicknames given to him by Cubans that were part of
Castro’s Revolution. Cubans are known to joke, make fun of others, give nicknames especially if they have no respect for the person. His nicknames was Che. Some Argentines have the habit of ending their sentence with Che. I guess is like to some American saying bro. So Cubans gave him the nickname Che. To make fun of him. They also called him pig because he had a strong body odor. They said that the smelled like boiled liver. Many Cuban blacks that served under him in the Cuban revolution have stated how bad he treated the Afro-Cubans. Juan Almieda Bosque was a black Cuban and the original commanders the insurgent forces in the Cuban revolution. Che disrespected him by calling him El Negrito (little black boy). Juan was told to call Che the pig. This documentary Guevara: anotomia de un Mito is subtitled in english. I highly recommend it. You’ll see interviews with men that knew and served with Che. 

While fighting with revolutionaries in the Congo he said "Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible to use Congolese machine-gunners to defend the base from air attack: they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn.”

Che executed himself a black17-year-old boy.  the boy was a soldier in Batista’s army. The boy who had just joined the army pleaded for his life. He told Guevara I haven’t done anything or killed anyone, I just arrived here. My mother is a widow I joined the Army to support her. he pleaded don’t kill me.  Che with a grin said, Why not? He tied the boy in front of his grave and murdered him by shooting him in the head.

Obama’s Campaign in Houston, Texas with Che/Cuban Flag

In 2008 a Cuban women named Maria Isabela, a precinct captain in Houston, Texas put up a cuban flag with Che Guevara’s image in Obama’s Campaign Headquarters. Obviously this woman born in Cuba had to be a communist. My question was why was she here and not in Cuba? 

As soon as I heard of this I called the office as many other Cuban-Americans did. They would not put Maria Isabela on. I spoke to another woman. I told her how upset I was and how I felt as a Cuban-American. I told her that the symbol of Che was to me like the Jews feel about Hitler and African-Americans feel about the KKK. 


Communism strives on lies and divisions. They divide people by utilizing and dividing people by race, social economic groups and religion. When Che and the Castro regime took over Cuba they claimed that Cuba was run by the Imperialist racist white Americans and rich white Cubans. Yet, Batista whose regime preceded Castro’s was mulato (mixed race black with white.) 

My Brother Encounter With Che Wearing African-American

Many years ago, at least over 20 years ago my brother had job answering phone in a cubicle. He noticed an African-American co-worker sporting a Che t-shirt. My brother went up to him and told him hey I like your t-shirt. The man answered thank you I really admire him. My brother answers him yeah, tomorrow I’m wearing my KKK t-shirt. The man answered you’re crazy. 

By the way my brother does not support the KKK or has a KKK t-shirt. He told him that as an example on how Cuban-Americans feel about Che. He then explained it to him. 

Che Puts Homosexuals In Force Labor Camps 

Guevara created a system that put homosexuals in forced labor camps. In Cuba until recently homosexuality was a crime. 

In the beginning of the Cuban revolution they closed down bodybuilding gyms because the Castro regime believed that bodybuilding was an American Imperialistic homosexual sport. 

In the1980 Mariel Boat lift Castro to cleanse Cuba and get rid of the undesirables he emptied the prisons, the mental institutes and sent them to the USA along with Homosexuals. There are stories of straight people claiming to be gay to leave the horrors of communism. 

I’m Insulted  By Che T-shirts in Key West Store

This was many years ago. I’m walking in Duval Street in Key West. Duval Street is full of stores. As I look to my right I see a t-shirt store with numerous Che Guevara t-shirts. I’m staring at the store front in disbelief. When the clerk asked me to come and the store. I was so upset that all I could say as I kept walking was “I will not walk in to a store with the image of a murderer and a communist.”  To my surprise the clerk an African-American had no problem working at a place that idolized a white supremest racist. I am that to this day he has no idea who the real Che Guevara was. 

Che a Coward with Little Military Experience 

In the video “ Guevara anatomy de un MITO” numerous of Castro’s men give testimonials on Che challenging other commanders in authority and military tactics. When these military commanders challenged him or told him where to go he always coward down. There are too many incidents to mention. You must watch that video for details.


Huber Matos Benitez a Cuban military leader who fought along Castro and Che claimed Che was Clueless in military strategies. Matos was the commander of the Army in the province of Camaguey. When Huber challenged Che with questions on a military strategy Che admitted that he did not know what to do.  

By the accounts other men that fought alone the side of Castro and Che they said that Che had a big mouth yet was clueless in military strategies and would coward down when other commanders confronted him. 

Che’s Capture from the website

Felix Rodriguez: The Man Who Took Down Che Guevara

While Guevara lacked the competence to adequately train or lead his doomed rebels, he had successfully engrained onto their impressionable psyches that they must never surrender. Che repeatedly urged his followers to “fight to the last breath” and to “save the last bullet” for themselves. When the Bolivian Rangers attacked them on October 8, 1967, that is exactly what his men did.

Despite being poorly equipped and led, Guevara’s men fought on in an impossible situation. As Guevara’s rebels courageously followed his directive to “fight to the last drop of blood” and while being mercilessly gunned down, Che made a run for it! Guevara simply bolted away from his men in the heat of battle. While his men bravely fought on, Guevara managed to climb out of the depression and dart out into the open. As two Bolivian Rangers leveled their weapons at him, Guevara dropped his own fully functional rifle, with a near full magazine, and begged, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I am Che Guevara and I am worth more to you alive than dead!” As his small guerrilla force was being decimated below, in the very trap he had led them into, Guevara’s only concern was for himself as he continued to plead with the Bolivian Rangers not to kill him.

Cuba Before Che and Castro

Cuba before the revolution and communist take over was a developed country. 

Before the Cuban Revolution and communism Cuba was a nation with a higher per capita income than half of Europe. The Cuban peso was valued higher than the U.S. dollar. It had the 13th lowest infant-mortality rate in the entire world. Cuba had the eighth highest wages in the world for industrial workers.

Cuba had one of the highest literacy rate in Latin America and the Caribbean before the Communist take over.  Cuba lead all countries in Latin America in life expectancy before the communist seized power in Cuba.   

Cuba had a higher number of immigrants per-capita (mostly from European countries) than the U.S. Before Castro and Che took over and destroyed this tropical paradise. More Americans lived in Cuba than the Cubans that lived in America.  

Cuba After the Revolution

Che, Castro and communism enslaved the people of Cuba. Cubans can not travel out of the country freely. They converted Cuba into a 3rd world country.  Cubans risk their lives to leave. Many have drowned, killed by the Cuban government or are imprisoned for try to leave the island. More than one million people have fled Cuba since the Cuban Revolution.  

Family Member Accounts of Cuba Today

I have  family members that traveled to Cuba as Christian missionaries. They came back horrified with the treatment of the people and their experience. This is a small overview of their experience in communist Cuba. 

They stayed with the pastor of the church, not where the luxurious hotels that the tourist go today. They arrived in Cuba with money from the church in the U.S. to buy food, yet it took them a few days to finally find a chicken to eat. People are starving in Cuba while the government officials live great. 

When the revolution started just like all communist countries religion was abolished. Today, they allow religion yet christians are mistreated and censured. 

The hospitals do not have sheets, pillows or blankets. There is no toilet paper in hospitals. You have to bring your own sheets and toilet paper. There is no medication for the people of Cuba. 

None Communist/None Socialist Cubans Detest Che

As I said before to most Cuban-Americans that communism took all of their possessions  and many have family members executed or imprison by Che and Castro we are insulted when we see someone praising Che or wearing his image. 

There was a remake of “One Day at a Time.” It’s about a Cuban Family living in California staring Rita Moreno. Rita is not Cuban yet does the best job of portraying a Cuban-American as the rest of the cast doesn’t. I do not recommend it because it portraits Cuban-Americans as typical hispanics. All hispanics are different. It’s like making a series on Americans and portraying them as Jamaican or Australian and using phrases or Trinidad or England. One of the few scenes in the series that portrait the true Cuban-American experience was when a Canadian-American friend comes in wearing a Che T-shirt. They show the entire family freaking out.  

Firearm instructor in Mexico Art Gallery

I remember many years ago doing a tactical pistol shooting course and the instructor saying “I wish I had Che Guevara targets.” I told him of my incident in Punta Cana and he told me this story. 

He was at an Art Gallery in Mexico. He went in and the salesman asked him where he was from. The firearm instructor answered Cuban. The salesman told him I have something that you are going to love. He took him to a huge painting of Che Guevara. The instructor told him with a smile I would love it. Do you have anymore? The instructor continued saying so I can use it for target practice to shoot that murdering coward. Imagine how shocked the Mexican was.  

Mexico and Latin America's Love For Che

My father had many encounters with the communist/socialist in Mexico. He had warned me about their love for Castro and Che. Yet, I also have had my encounters in Mexico with the socialist mindset praising Castro. When I went to Mexico on a cruise and was asked were are you from I said American. Yet, the Mexican said originally because you speak Spanish. I said Cuban. He started praising Castro and I lost it. All hell broke loss. But that’s another story. 

Most of Latin America and liberal Americans idolized Che. I understand the Latin American countries that hate America. Yet, I can’t understand the Americans that idolize him. Especially people of color. Che was not just a racist but a white suprematist. 

I hope this article opens at least one persons mind of the truth of the real Che Guevara. Che was a White Supremest, Murderer, Homophobic, Animal Abuser, Communist, Coward. Not what Latin America, the media and Hollywood portrait him as. 














Fooled by Communism/Socialism

I am a 3rd generation anti-communist/anti-socialist. My grandparents, Parents and I were all anti-communism/anti-socialism. Yet, my father was fooled by Castro and I was indoctrinated  by the American media popular culture and the school system into believing in socialism. 

My grandfather I’m not sure if his name was Pedro Manuel Anta or Manuel Pedro Anta was very anti-communist. I never met him because he died in Cuba before I was born. He was born in 1890 in Ourense ,Spain. When he was 16 he was fighting the communist in Spain. His family feared that he would get killed by the communist and sent him to Cuba. My father was raised super anti-communist. He knew of the lies and oppression of communism. Yet, he was fooled by Castro. Castro did not say he was communist until he took over Cuba. When a young Fidel Castro was in Columbia in April 1948 he was already known to have been a communist. 

In my preteens and teen years I was growing up in the hippy era. What the hippies and popular culture was protesting and preaching was anti-American sentiment, anti-society, trust no one over 30, free sex and the drug culture. Even though I did not know it then I was brained washed into communist/socialist believes starting in Jr. high school and it was reinforced in college. Just like many other Cuban-American kids we were being indoctrinated into the communist and socialist believes which is why our parents left Cuba. Most of the Cuban American kids that were indoctrinated into communism eventually saw what  communism and socialism was really like and changed and some didn’t. That is why I’m writing this. Our youth is being indoctrinated by the media, schools, music and Hollywood elite into the lies of communism and its cousin socialism. 

My father knew the Castro’s and originally supported them, until he found out that they were communist. Here are a few stories my dad told me. 

As I said earlier even though my father was anti-communist he knew and supported the Castro regime. Castro did not declare himself a communist until after he overthrew Batista. This story happen before Castro overthrew the president, dictator of Cuba Florencio Batista. When my father Julio Cesar Anta was working in a rice mills moving rice bags in Bayamo, Oriente, Cuba he ran into Fidel, Raul and Che Guevarra. They were running from Batista’s men. He hid them in the rice mill. When they came asking if he had seen them he said no. He regretted doing that since he later found out that Fidel was a communist. He felt that hiding the Castro brothers and Che was one of the biggest mistakes of his life. 

This is how my father finds out the Castro is a communist. One day my father bumps into a friend that he had that was illiterate and believed in communism. The guy was wearing a Cuban military officers uniform. My dad asked him how he could be an officer if he was illiterate? He replied that Castro knew he was a true communist and gave him the rank of officer in his military. He also said that Fidel was also having him learn to read. He stated that Fidel was a communist like him. 

My parents originally supported Castro as many Cubans did until this day that they found out that Castro was a communist. As soon as they found out they started their paper work to leave the country. My Dad always wanted to come to America the land of opportunity, but now there was an urgency. He knew that communism would destroy Cuba so now was the time to leave. 

My parents had applied for political asylum to come to the US. They gave my Grandfather on my mothers side Genaro Codina the paperwork to leave the country. My grandfather trashed it. He taught the Castro’s communist dictatorship would not last long. My parents were desperate to leave the once paradise and now communist island of Cuba. They were told that they should send me alone to the USA in the Peter Pan flights. My parents refused. They said that they would not divide the family. Thank God they didn’t! I know of so many families divided by Castro. 

Another story my father told me was when Castro took him to the Sierra Maestra mountains. My dad was driving his jeep in Bayamo when Fidel Castro, Raul Castro, Ernesto “Che” Guevara and their men told my dad that they need to take him to Sierra Maestra Mountains to use his jeep. There was no way that he could say no to these band of murderers. Going against them would be considered treason and he could have been put in jail or shot in front of a firing squad.

They took my dad for days to the mountains and my mom had no idea what had happen to him. While in the mountains my father had to taste Fidel Castro’s food just in case one of his men was trying to poison him. Fidel was always paranoid. 

My dad told me that they heard a sound from far that could have been a gun shot. Yet, he didn’t think it was a gun shots. Fidel and Che hid under a table. Raul who was peeing with his penis hanging from his fly pulled out his gun and started looking to see were the possible shots came from. I remember my dad saying in Cuba they say Raul is maricon; well that is a tough maricon (a derogatory word for gays in Spanish). Cubans have always referred to Raul as maricon. They would also refer to Fidel as the horse (a Cuban term for being great) and Raul as the mare. Ironic since homosexuality was a crime in Communist Cuba until recently. In the Mariel Boat lift in 1980 when for a short time Castro was letting anyone leave the country and there was an exodus from Cuba, Castro empty the jails, mental institutes and sent all guys to the U.S.A. Back to my story. Yet, while Raul was prepared to do battle Fidel and Che hid like cowards. Che the mass murderer that ordered firing squads without trials and even shot a 12 year old in the head for telling him not to kill his father in the firing squads was hiding under a table. The sad thing is that the liberal media and Hollywood makes this murdering, racist, coward look like a hero.

I don’t remember much of Cuba but I remember going to a park in Bayamo, Oriente, Cuba that had a movie theatre were I saw the Disney movie “Tanka.” There was a scene in the theatre that I’ll never forget. It was about some men in camouflage being mistreated. I was told that these men were captured from the Bay of Pigs attack on Cuba lead by Cubans in exile trained by the USA. After the US approved the attack President John F. Kennedy did not send the promise air support, ammo and supples promised and the brave Cuban freedom fighters were left to die or were captured. You can read more about the Bay of Pigs in this blog in an article I wrote called “The Cuban 300/JFK Betrayal.”  

We left Cuba to Miami on April 2,1962 through a flight sponsored by the Catholic Church. My last memory of Cuba was very scary. My parents told me that if they asked me if I was communist to say yes, since they had heard of a kid that was asked if he was communist and he said no so they left him in Cuba and wasn’t able to leave with his parents. I was terrified and trembling thinking that they would ask me and I would make a mistake and say I wasn’t communist and never see my parents again. My parents don’t remember telling me this. They think they told me this story to make sure I didn’t repeat anything they said about communism. The communist brain wash kids to snitch out their parents if they do not agree with the government. 

My mom also told me that when leaving Cuba all women were strip searched by male military men to see if they were taking money or jewelry with them. My mom who was pregnant with my sister. She told me that she would have been so embarrassed if that happened to her so she prayed that they would not strip search her. She was the only woman that did not have to strip in front of the male military guards.

We finally arrive in America the land of opportunity and the greatest country in the history of the world. Us Cubans acclimated easier and faster than most hispanics to America since we came for political reasons not economical and we were already Americanized. In Cuba we watch American movies. So how the heck did this boy that was raised to be a proud American yet, was also told of the horrors, oppression and lies of communism/socialism become an agnostic liberal? I know that I drove my parents crazy especially knowing how communism destroys families and how Castro prohibited religion in Cuba. In 1959, Castro imposed restrictions on religious activities such as Christmas, and in 1962 he kept anyone who was part of a religious group from joining the communist party. He followed the communist tradition of Marxist-Leninist atheism. Not until 1990 did the atheist guidelines that were in the Cuban Constitution were removed.

Ironically, in my pre-teen, teen and early 20’s while I was in Jr. High School until the beginning of college I was brain washed by the school system and media. It was the 70’s, the hippy era, anti-government era. I started to argue with my father. I became came liberal, agnostic and socialist. I drove my parents crazy. Imagine having taken me out of Cuba so the government wouldn’t brain wash me, take away my religion and turn me against my family and now in America it had happen. My dad would call me “un communist de mierda” a shitty communist. I think it was around 1979-80 that I started seeing the light and my ideology started changing. We had the gas crisis, hostage in Iran, The USSR was invading more countries to spread the evil of communism, the Meriel boat lift and the weakening of America. I finally started to understand my dad. Slowly but surely I started to understand how I was indoctrinated by the system which is how communism works. 


I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. On December 2,1980 I started bootcamp and right away started believing in God again. You can read about how the Marine Corps and later Christianity changed my life in this blog under the section of Spirituality “Julio Anta from Agnostic to Christian.”  


Communism and socialism are a lie. In communism they manipulate the people, oppressed them and yes, everyone is equal, yet equal poor. The only people that benefit is the top government officials. It starts by government controlling everything health care, colleges, banks, business and gun control. It divides people, the rich and the poor, blacks and whites, business owners and employees. It divides family and friends. In Cuba they separate the kids from their families by sending them to camps to cut sugar cane. They indoctrinate them into communism.  The communist government encourages children to tell the authorities if their family are not communist or breaking any of the communist laws. They also have neighbor committees to snitch out the neighbors. We Cuba-Americans have a saying when someone snitches another person out “Eres communista” You are communist. 

Communism is modern day slavery. Cubans are slaves to the government. You can not own property, business, live stock, or firearms. All property and businesses belong to the government. Only the military and police can poses firearms. One week after Castro took power he confiscated all firearms from the people. Later, the Castro brothers and Che Guevarra executed and in-prison many of the people that turned in their weapons. In Cuba education, sports training, medicine and health care are free. Yet, there is no medicine, hospitals are dirty, toilets don’t flush and you have to bring your own sheets to the hospital. Cubans can not leave the island without government approval. If caught leaving the island you are put in prison. In prison you are beat and tortured. In the beginning of the revolution political prisoners were shot in a firing squad. Cubans are not allowed in the resorts and tourist areas unless they are working. The Cuban people are enslaved. It offends me when people that visit Cuba tell me how much they love Cuba, what great country it is and how beautiful it is. It might be great for the tourist in the tourist area, the high government officials, but not for the oppressed, enslaved Cuban people. 

Fidel Castro was a multimillionaire. 13 years ago Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s personal net worth at $900 million. He stole all of the companies that were in Cuba from Americans and Cubans. My grandparents on my mothers side both had farms in Cauto El Paso and a house in the city in Bayamo, Oriente. My aunt my fathers sister Nelly Anta who was a singer in the cabarets in Havana had a beautiful 2 story house with a pool. All of that was stolen from my family and belongs to the government now. We heard that multiple families live in the house that was stolen from my aunt.

Let me give you a little bit of facts of Cuba before the horrors and oppression of communism. Cuba was a modern, prosperous, country similar the the U.S. Cuba before Castro was very Americanized. Cubans were attracted to American culture, watch American TV, read American newspapers and magazines. All the movies I watch as a kid in Cuba were American movies. My families favorite actors were all American. I hear many hispanics in America say that they grew up without any role models on TV or in the movies that were like them. I can’t say that my role models and screen idols were Errol Flynn, Steve Reeves, Johnny Weissmuller, Burt Lancaster. In Cuba for the carnival in Bayamo I dresses up as Tarzan and Superman.  

There was a ferry from Florida to Cuba. Americans and Cubans could freely enter each others country. In the 50’s before communism Cuba had the 5th highest number of TV’s per capita in the world and the worlds 8th highest number of radio stations. Havana was the worlds 4th most expensive city at the time and had more cinemas than New York. Cuba had the highest level of telephone penetration in Latin America. It had one of the highest number of doctors per capita and the 3rd lowest adult mortality rate in the world. At one time the Cuban peso was worth 2 cents more than the American dollar. 

The same story is now happening in Venezuela. Before socialism in the 70’s Venezuela was the richest country if South America. Today it has the worlds highest inflation rate. In 2012 the government banned private guns. In 2017 Venezuela had the worlds highest Organize crime and violence is on the rise in Venezuela. The homicide rate is one of the highest in the world. 

Just as Americans have been brain washed into believing in socialism, South America countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia are waking up and turning against socialism. In Hong Kong they are protesting against the communist oppression and flying Ole Glory.  

Today, millennials are being indoctrinated by the lies of communism and socialism like I was as a teen by the school system, Hollywood and the media in the 70’s. Watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel they gave positive recognition to Che in the same scene that they spoke negative of Stalin. Ironically Che and Stalin both were murderers and had the same ideology of communism. In The Handmaids Tale they they also praised Che. Hollywood made a movie glamorizing the racist, murdering, terrorist Ernesto “Che” Guevara. It’s ironic for American youth and blacks to wear Che’s image on their clothing when Che hated blacks, Americans, gays and rock music.  He was a cold blooded murderer and a coward. 

I once heard a sermon from a pastor comparing communism/socialism to satanism. Now if you do not believe in the bible I understand you will not understand this. Satan is a lier and imitates Christ. Satanism wants to divid the family. communism/socialism is a lie and divides families and people. Communism sounds perfect everyone being equal and a perfect society. Like heaven on earth. Humans being un-perfect can not have this so call perfect equal government on earth. Only when we go to heaven willow all be equal and live in a perfect society. Communism like satanism wants to imitate Gods perfect heaven. Like satan the communist lie and manipulate people into believing that heaven on earth is possible. 


Unless you came from a communist or socialist country such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua , Germany, Vietnam North Korea, and the former U.S.S.R to name a few you might not understand why we love America and detest communism/socialism. Just like the Israelis say never again to the holocaust. I say never again and will fight communism and tell my stories. 








The Cuban 300/JFK Betrayal

There is an amazing untold story of the brave men of Brigade 2506 who in an attempt to liberate Cuba from the horrors of communism 0n the 17th of April, 1961, fought to the last bullet. The Bay of Pigs attack was lead by counter-revolutionist highly trained and funded by the CIA. They fought bravely for 3 days until they had no ammo or suppose left. These brave warriors battle resembles the story of the 300 Spartans. They were outnumbered yet, they were wining the battle. They were brave and fearless like the Spartans that fought in the battle of Thermopylae for 3 days which held the Persians that outnumbered them from conquering Greece.


1400 men Cuban exiles and Americans went back to Cuba to over throw the government of Fidel Castro approved by President John F. Kennedy. 134 Cuban exiles and Americans were killed and 176 Cuban soldiers were killed in the Bay of Pigs invasion. With everything that went wrong the brave freedom fighters were winning. The plan was to invade Cuba by air and sea. At the last moment Kennedy pulled the air support, artillery, weapons and ammunition supply. What would have gone through the mind of these brave warriors winning the battle yet betrayed and left there to die? Imagine if Kennedy would have not betrayed these brave warriors they would have won. Cuba would have been prosperous and free today as it was before communism. 


You rarely hear the truth about this battle. All you hear that it was a failed attempt by the Cuban Freedom Fighters. In Cuba they brag on how they defeated the evil capitalist empire of the United States. 


At a young age I learn of the horrors and lies of communism/socialism. My story begins at around 4 years old. I came to the U.S.A the greatest country in the history of the world 3 weeks before my 5th birthday. I remember very little of Cuba. Yet, I will never forgot this day in the movie theatre in Bayamo, Oriente, Cuba. At the intermission I saw a film of captive men in camouflage being pushed around by soldiers. There was also a scene of Tarzan fighting some of the natives. They were saying that Tarzan was racist just like the Americans that made the Tarzan movies. I also remember some weird men in like an auditorium or political meeting clapping. I had many questions to my parents about what I had watched at the movie theatre. My fathers answer was when we leave the theatre I’ll explain. What I was watching was communist propaganda the way they brainwash people into believing in the failed communist system where everyone is equally poor with the exception of the leaders and high ranking officials. Around 13 years ago Forbes estimated Fidel Castro’s net worth at 900 million. Let me get back to my story. 



As we walked out of the theatre my father began to tell me but told me I had to keep it to myself. My father said that the men that were captured were brave men that returned to Cuba to fight Castro and communism. That they were caught and they were being mistreated by Castros militiamen.  


He told me that the communist where trying to say that Tarzan was a racist because in that scene he was fighting black natives. He also told me that Tarzan had more battles with whites than the natives that most natives were Tarzan’s friends. My dad told me that one day we would live in America and be free. 


He explained to me that the men that I considered weird that I saw in another scene at the theatre were the communist Russians of the Soviet Union. He explained to me how evil the Soviet Union was. 


Ironically, in my teen and early 20’s while I was in Jr. High until the beginning of college I was brain washed by the school system and media. It was the 70’s, the hippy, anti-government era. I started argue with my father. I became came liberal, agnostic and socialist. I drove my parents crazy. Imagine having taken me out of Cuba so the government wouldn’t brain wash me, take away my religion and turn me against my family and now in America it had happen. My dad would call me “un communist de mierda” a shitty communist. I think it was around 1979-80 that I started seeing the light with the gas crisis, hostage in Iran, Meriel boat lift and weakening of America and understood my dad. I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. On December 2,1980 I started bootcamp and right away started believing in God again.  


My dad was an Alpha Male and a bad ass. He was strong and a hard worker, a provider and the head of our household. When my dad was younger and before he got married to my mother he would street fight for money. My dad and his friends would go around Cuba with boxing gloves and challenge men to box. They would then place bets on my dad. His friends would tell me how he never lost a fight in Cuba. He learn to box by watching boxing matches. 


I tell you this because my dad had the highest regards for the men of Brigade 2506. He would always talk to me about their bravery. Anytime he would meet a Bay of Pig veteran he would tell me that, that was a real man and how bad ass and brave they were. I grew up respecting and looking up to the men of Brigade 2506 and even more today knowing how they fought without no support and the betrayal of Kennedy. 


As most Americans my age I remember the day JFK was murdered. I was sick at the hospital, I think I was there for a doctors visit. Everyone in the hospital was talking about Kennedy being shot. As I walk by a hospital room I saw a man with bandage on his foot. For years I thought that it was JFK. The ironic thing is that while the whole family is watching the burial on TV my mom starts crying. I did not understand why she was crying for a man that she disliked and betrayed us Cuban-Americans. When I got older I asked her. “mom where you crying when Kennedy died.” Her answer was he was the President of the United States. That is what a call a loving heart and truly what the Bible says love your enemy. That is far from how opponents of our President act and feel today. 


Kennedy’s betrayal lead to the death and capture of these brave warriors. The Cuban Freedom Fighters blood was in JFK hands. Thank God that later other American presidents such as Nixon, Reagan and Trump have supported the Cuban-American cause. That is one of the main reasons why most Cuban Americans are Republican’s while other Hispanics are Democrats’. There are many other reasons why the majority of Cuban-American’s are not Democrats, yet I’ll mention 2 more reasons. 1. Clinton and Obama’s policies towards Cuba. 2. We lost Cuba to communism and today some members of the democratic party believe in socialism and communism. Some have even praised Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. 

If any members of Brigade 2506 or their family sees anything wrong or off in this article on what truly happened please correct me. This is my account of what my parents stories and my research.