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Frank DiMeo, NSCA-CPT, KBC-1 Instr.

Thank you for making this resource available.
Obesity in children is a horrific problem in our culture.
What you said is true about the things an obese child will go through; I grew up that way.
Almost every fight I got in during my early school years had to do with that in some way.
My parents really didn't understand good nutrition and just did the best they could with the meals they provided.
I am so thankful that they never pampered me over being so fat, that caused me to rise to the challenge of change. With GOD's help, those changes became life-time habits for the good.
I encourage all parents to take your advice.
Thanks again, and GOD bless!

Julio Anta

Thank you for the kind words. I would have never guessed that you were an over weight child. Keep up the great work, stay fit and God Bless my friend.

Frank is a fitness and kettlebell instructor from Sarasota, FL. Log on to Ageless Warrior section to see what great shape Frank is in.


Reading this article I find it to be an eye opener for parents. I'm a high school student. I go to a school and I see the weirdest thing in the world.

My educational strand is telecommunications and information technology (by statistics students in this field are overweight or are generally unhealthy.) The students in my field are fit, there are three personal friends of mine that I know who work in the gym weekly. To me its odd seeing a young man with big muscles typing on a keyboard.
I notice more students studying health who seem mostly to be anorexic or over weight. I can only think the parents themselves are the cause. A person can have knowledge, but they can also have no motivation. Maybe they chose the strand in the first place to help their parents be healthier; who knows. This has aroused a curiosity with in me and I’m going to look further into why people are unhealthy.
Thank you for writing.

Julio Anta

I'm glad to hear that you are eating healthy. It takes more then knowledge to eat healthy and stay fit. You must be motivated, dedicated and have great will power to eat healthy. Look at the average Medical Doctor. They are totally out of shape, yet they monitor our health.

Gerardo Larrea French

Anyone who may be interested in improving his or her physical condition must understand that the goal has to be a continous goal. Getting in shape and staying fit is a challenge where you compete against yourself to become a stronger person. By stronger I mean that you become stronger intellectually, physically and spiritually because the result of not giving up and staying with it year after year as I have done gives you balance, confidence and true sense of achievement.

I have a quote that I wrote and I would like to share with you and it is the following one..... "Believing is giving yourself a chance to be"

Gerardo Larrea French Jr. (Kung Fu Student)

Julio Anta

Gerardo walks the walk. He lost 45 pounds in 2 years doing our kung fu and fitness kickboxing program. 6 years later he has kept the weight off. Read his story "Gerrardo Larrea, a True Success Story" in the article below and see his wonderful transformation in his before and after photo. I'm truely proud of Gerardo reaching the big five 0 this year he is a brown belt and in the best shape of his life.

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    He is an international competitive bodybuilder. Julio is the 2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Champion 60 + overall winner and lightweight winner. He was the runner up in the 2019 North American Bodybuilding Championships 60 + Lightweight Division and the runner up in the Florida State Bodybuilding Championships 60+. He started competing in 1983 placing 3rd in the Mr. Jr. Florida and Mr. Miami.
    He was born in 1957 and began studying martial arts at 14 years old. He began bodybuilding shortly after in his late teens. Anta was also a Corrections Officer for 10 years and a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He is the author of "Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness" Book. Anta created "Anta's Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying" program and DVD. He also created "Awakened the Warrior Within" Life Skills Program. Below are some of his credentials, certifications and awards:


    -Kung Fu Master
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    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Instructor
    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Law Enforcement and Edge Weapon Instructor
    -Tran's Muay Thai Association certified instructor Level 3 Kru
    -Krav Maga Association certified full instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Counter Terrorism
    -Krav Maga Association Active Shooter Response Instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor
    -NRA Pistol Instructor
    -Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Instructor
    -CORE Krav Maga Instructor
    -Krav Maga Martial Arts instructor
    -Gracie Jiu Jitsu blue belt at Valenti Brothers Jiu Jitsu
    -Burn with Kearns MMA Fighter Fit Level 3 Instructor
    -Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association Action Strength Instructor
    -HKC HardStyle Kettlebell Certification
    -CICS Certified Indian Club Specialist
    -Elite Combat Fitness Instructor
    -Elite Kettlebell Instructor
    -Kettlebell Concepts Instructor
    -IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
    -Battling Ropes Instructor
    -ICSDA SABER Edge Weapon Combatives Instructor
    -Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
    -Kardio Karate Instructor
    -Pilates Instructor
    -ISSA Fitness Instructor
    -Martial Arts for Peace Bully Busters
    -National Security Agency Child Safety
    -American Council of Martial Arts Cooper Institute

    -2019 North American Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+ Lightweight
    -2019 Florida State Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+
    -2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Championships 60+ Overall Winner & Lightweight Winner
    -ICSDA (International Combat Self Defense Association) Advisory Board
    -2011 PMA Best Martial arts School in Doral
    -2010 Century Gold Award
    -2010 Dr Rolando Espinosa K-8 School Award
    -2009 Best of Doral Martial Arts Award
    -2009 Century Mark of Excellence Award
    -2006 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master
    -2006 World Martial Arts Union Hall of Fame Life Achievements
    -2006 Miami Dade County Certificate of Appriciation
    -2006 Captain of the runners up in the South Florida Dragon Boat Festival 250 Meter Kung Fu Cup
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Outstanding Martial Arts School”
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Hero Award”
    -2005 Proclamation “Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense Day” City of Doral
    -2004 Miami Dade County “Martial Arts Excellence Award”
    -2003 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year”
    -2003-2004 Co-holders of the World Simultaneous Kicking Record
    -1998 Florida PBA Certificate of Appreciation
    -1983 2nd runner up Jr. Florida Bodybuilding Championships
    -1983 2nd runner up Miami Bodybuilding Championship

    For his full biography log on to Anta Kung Fu and Miami Kettlebell