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.. Which is why this was asked in the DS Back from the vet They were able to cut just above the crack in her nail is all is well and only $40 now that was suprising!@ Greek First where did I mionetn Kennel cough? No where as none have it, thank you. I have just the right amount of dogs for my household. They are very well cared for at all times. Any scratch to a cornea can become ulcerated, especially with a boxer. Broken toes and cuts can happen to any dog while playing, running and while on walks. Before you judge it might be best to pull your head out of your back side so you can read clearly and understand that sh*t happens and a responsible owner cares for their dogs immediately bytaking them to a vet and continues to care for them until they are completely healed. If I had too many dogs then I wouldn't be able to get the vet care that I obviously have had them get.@ J.A.B. lol I'm the r*tard? Ummm look at yourself as nothing that any of my dogs have had is genetic. Even the tumor my dog has is not hereditary, do you not know that Knowledge is a wonderful tool. Tumors and caner are not covered on health guarantee's plus he is a rescue dog.@ Mazy I have 5 dogsI think you misunderstood what I wrote..Nothing that any of my dogs have are genetic..nothing could have been preventable, they had accidents which I had treated immediately. The older dog is a mutt who I rescued 12 years ago, the older dog with a tumor is a rescue and the pup yes is from my breeding who is extremely small prey driven which is how she broke her toes try to catch a squirrel.So explain to me why I should not be breeding? Because she had a mishap and broke a toe..Oh God forbid any animal have an accident.Forgot to add.. The pup that I had to have euthenized I rescued, the owners had beaten him so serverely that they induced seizures, causing him to be blind in his right eye and was extremely under weight. Very irresponsible of me I guess to have tried to find him help and tried to keep him alive to live a happy life.Stick to the question people and not your imaginations. We get enough of that from the trolls.@ Mazy # 2 .Why shouldn't you breed anymore?1. Because you are complaining about the costSweetie I wasn't complaining, I stated facts followed with a question. I most certainly know and knew how much breeding would cost and am not knew to this. Actually my last litter cost me less than I thought it would. The good thing is that I had more than enough money to cover all the cost and then some. So Darling you fail, sorry2. Although I do commend you for rescuing a couple of dogs, you of all people should realize that there is a pet overpopulation crisis in this countryActually I think you really need to do some research. The reason that there is a pet overpopulation is not due to reputable responsible breeders but to the Byb, hobby breeders and mills who breed for the wrong reasons as well as people who get pets without the understanding that they are not disposable objects and simply throw them away. The dogs that I breed are Am/Can Champions, all of which have had the OFA, CERF, ARVC and DM testings, which they cleared perfectly before breeding. They are bred to conform to the standard, health and temperment.The ones who should stop breeding are the ones who breed only because they can as it is their pups who unfortunately end up in shelters and rescue groups.Nice try but again my dear you fail.

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I think its the age. I too was in that class with Dr. Mike and Jimmy, where Dr. Mike and I have compared notes on his and my own demon bully. It was a rough school. Fast forward to current day, my own son was bullied a few years ago, just a little guy starting junior high, on the bus for the first time by a few boys two years older. Always a good kid, my husband and I always encouraged my son to tell someone, a teacher, authority, or us if someone is bothering you. Thank goodness he chose to talk to my husband and tell him what was going only a few weeks into the school year. My husband, a large stature still fit from his college football days at 64 marched into the school demanding a meeting with the vice principal. Long story short, apparently my son was not the only target on the bus, and after reviewing several video bus tapes, and a zero bulling tolerance law, this individual was expelled from the bus for the rest of that year, with no occurrences since. A happy ending to a horrible situation, my heart goes out to anyone that is bullied. Its inexcusable!

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Julio Anta Bio

  • " "

    Julio Anta owns Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense one of South Florida’s most successful and recognized martial arts/fitness centers. Anta is a martial arts and fitness instructor.
    He is an international competitive bodybuilder. Julio is the 2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Champion 60 + overall winner and lightweight winner. He was the runner up in the 2019 North American Bodybuilding Championships 60 + Lightweight Division and the runner up in the Florida State Bodybuilding Championships 60+. He started competing in 1983 placing 3rd in the Mr. Jr. Florida and Mr. Miami.
    He was born in 1957 and began studying martial arts at 14 years old. He began bodybuilding shortly after in his late teens. Anta was also a Corrections Officer for 10 years and a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserves. He is the author of "Anta's Ageless Warrior Fitness" Book. Anta created "Anta's Art of Fighting without Fighting Anti-Bullying" program and DVD. He also created "Awakened the Warrior Within" Life Skills Program. Below are some of his credentials, certifications and awards:


    -Kung Fu Master
    -Judokickbox Red/Black Belt 2nd Dan (2nd degree black belt)
    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Instructor
    -Contemporary Jeet Kune Do Law Enforcement and Edge Weapon Instructor
    -Tran's Muay Thai Association certified instructor Level 3 Kru
    -Krav Maga Association certified full instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Counter Terrorism
    -Krav Maga Association Active Shooter Response Instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor
    -Krav Maga Association Israeli Combat Shooting Instructor
    -NRA Pistol Instructor
    -Haganah F.I.G.H.T. Instructor
    -CORE Krav Maga Instructor
    -Krav Maga Martial Arts instructor
    -Gracie Jiu Jitsu blue belt at Valenti Brothers Jiu Jitsu
    -Burn with Kearns MMA Fighter Fit Level 3 Instructor
    -Jeet Kune Do Athletic Association Action Strength Instructor
    -HKC HardStyle Kettlebell Certification
    -CICS Certified Indian Club Specialist
    -Elite Combat Fitness Instructor
    -Elite Kettlebell Instructor
    -Kettlebell Concepts Instructor
    -IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist
    -Battling Ropes Instructor
    -ICSDA SABER Edge Weapon Combatives Instructor
    -Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
    -Kardio Karate Instructor
    -Pilates Instructor
    -ISSA Fitness Instructor
    -Martial Arts for Peace Bully Busters
    -National Security Agency Child Safety
    -American Council of Martial Arts Cooper Institute

    -2019 North American Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+ Lightweight
    -2019 Florida State Bodybuilding Championships runner-up 60+
    -2017 South Florida Bodybuilding Championships 60+ Overall Winner & Lightweight Winner
    -ICSDA (International Combat Self Defense Association) Advisory Board
    -2011 PMA Best Martial arts School in Doral
    -2010 Century Gold Award
    -2010 Dr Rolando Espinosa K-8 School Award
    -2009 Best of Doral Martial Arts Award
    -2009 Century Mark of Excellence Award
    -2006 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Kung Fu Master
    -2006 World Martial Arts Union Hall of Fame Life Achievements
    -2006 Miami Dade County Certificate of Appriciation
    -2006 Captain of the runners up in the South Florida Dragon Boat Festival 250 Meter Kung Fu Cup
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Outstanding Martial Arts School”
    -2005 EFC Black Belt Schools “Hero Award”
    -2005 Proclamation “Anta’s Fitness and Self Defense Day” City of Doral
    -2004 Miami Dade County “Martial Arts Excellence Award”
    -2003 Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame “Instructor of the Year”
    -2003-2004 Co-holders of the World Simultaneous Kicking Record
    -1998 Florida PBA Certificate of Appreciation
    -1983 2nd runner up Jr. Florida Bodybuilding Championships
    -1983 2nd runner up Miami Bodybuilding Championship

    For his full biography log on to Anta Kung Fu and Miami Kettlebell