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5 Ways To Make Your Child Indistractible


Raising a child to become successful and disciplined can be incredibly challenging, ESPECIALLY in today’s digital society filled with distractions at every turn. Although the world is more connected than ever, anxiety in children is at an all time high while in person communication and socialization is a lost art. Perhaps you have noticed a change in your child’s mood and behavior but aren’t sure why or how it happened?

Rest assured that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your child. These challenges are simply a sign of the times and all the shifts taking place in our modern world. That said, if kids don’t adapt, align with their strengths, and focus on the parts of life that bring true SATISFACTION they can easily become lost in all the distractions. That’s why we put together Make Your Child Indistractable. 

Make Your Child Indistractable is the first step in transforming your child’s behavior and working towards eliminating…


  • Cell phone addiction 
  • Social media dependence
  • Anxiety & overwhelm
  • Stress & self esteem difficulties
  • Bad grades & trouble focusing
  • And so much more!


5 Ways to Reduce Distraction in Kids

Concentration is a skill that can be acquired through continual practice. 


1. Limit Computer, Smart Phone, Video Games and TV Time

2. Have your Child Play Outdoors                                                              

3. Comfort and Distraction Time                                                              

With so much homework and activities that you have your child in they do need time to relax. A time for comfort. While studying, doing homework or working chores give them a break. It could be an electronic break or play break. 

4. Use the 3 Rules of Concentration                                                                                                                                              We teach the 3 rules of concentration at Anta’s Martial Arts Kids classes.                                                                                      Focus Your Eyes

 Focus Your Mind

 Focus Your Body                                                                                        

5. Martial Arts Training (My Favorite)

                                                                                                                                                                                                         At Anta’s Mixed Martial Arts Kids classes we have numerous ways to help children become Indistractible in a fun way that they’ll love.                                                       

A. Memorizing Techniques and Forms

B. Instructor Says Game

C. Freeze Game

D. Indistractible Challenge 


At Anta’s we are on a mission to make our children indistractible. For more information on making your child indistractible call us 305 599-3649 or come by our training center.