Indistractible challenge

Indistractable Challenge Kickoff Workshop

After teaching martial arts  for  22 years in Doral I noticed how distracted kids have become. I started doing research and came across the book Indistractible. This book has helped him a lot for himself and he learned how to work better with kids. 

This video is of the Indistractable 6 Week Challenge Kickoff Workshop on January 27, 2020 at Anta's Fitness and Self Defense. I explain step by step how to do the 6 week challenge with your child. This video is in English with translation in Spanish. 


We are on a mission to help your child focus and not be so distracted. We also want you to help us with this mission and help us spread the word. 

There is currently a worldwide epidemic among children. Kids are more distracted, nervous, and stressed than ever!

The American Physchological Association (APA) reports that 25.1% of children between 13-18 experience anxiety and 1 in every 6 children under 8 suffers from a mental or behavioral difficulty according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). 

Studies show that signs of stress and overwhelm increase as kids age and lead to trouble in school, friendships, mood, and overall attitude. 

But what is the cause of this stress?

It Goes WAY Deeper Than Just Procrastination Or Laziness

Kids are growing up in a society where EVERYONE is distracted and the ability to stay focused is nearly impossible. 

With every day habit-forming distractions like:


  • Constant notifications 
  • ​Easy to binge watch streaming services 
  • ​Social networking platforms that replace conversations 
  • ​Video games that feel like real life 
  • ​Wireless earphones that stay glued to our ears 
  • ​Advertisements and persuasive messages everywhere  

Are You Scared Of What Your Child May NOT Become?

As a parent you likely have big dreams for your child...

Which makes all the behavioral differences you’re noticing quite terrifying. 

Serious Behavioral Difficulties Such As:

  • Sleeping in all day
  • Not leaving the house
  • Issues communicating, socializing, and making friends
  • Low grades, trouble focusing, and struggling in school
  • Temper tantrums and lashing back
  • Self esteem issues and fear of sharing their true feelings
  • Scattered goals and lack of direction 

If your child is plagued by the problems above, here’s how you can reverse this in just 6 lessons or less and clear the clutter in your child’s life for good. 

Here’s A Breakdown Of Your Next 6 Lessons!


Eliminate Digital Distraction

We kick things off by facing the biggest distraction of our generation: the cell phone! We’ll cover ways to limit digital device use and work towards ending social media dependence for good. 



Indistractable Academic Success

We keep the momentum going by covering a topic that matters most to many parents; doing well in school. If you think your child could benefit from better grades, this week is for you!



Extreme Attention & Focus

This lesson is all about building the attention “muscle” and training kids to lock in on a task. Get ready to get physical as we’ll be using physical exercise along with the power of reading to help your child level



Mental Stimulation & Refreshing The Mind

Overwhelm, stress, and anxiety all originate in the brain which is why mental health is crucial in today’s society. In lesson 4 we explore how hobbies and skills activate essential neural pathways and cover ways to make sure your child is getting the refreshing relaxation they deserve! 



Communication & Goal Setting

This lesson is all about getting down to the root of problems and creating a culture of communication in your family. Prepare to connect with your child, uncover deep emotions, and establish powerful S.M.A.R.T. Goals. 



Health, Energy, & Habits

End the challenge STRONG by transforming the most important aspects of your child’s life. We’ll cover everything from energy, diet, sleep, and habits to finally cement in the foundations of an Indistractable Life!


Provide Your Child With The Power Of Focus Today!

In today’s modern, digital, highly distracted society, the most powerful gift is the ability to stay focused. 

The tools, methods, and frameworks within this challenge provide your child with an incredible advantage that will benefit them in school, friendships, and far into adulthood. 

Imagine how much your child will accomplish when they become truly INDISTRACTABLE.

5 Ways To Make Your Child Indistractible


Raising a child to become successful and disciplined can be incredibly challenging, ESPECIALLY in today’s digital society filled with distractions at every turn. Although the world is more connected than ever, anxiety in children is at an all time high while in person communication and socialization is a lost art. Perhaps you have noticed a change in your child’s mood and behavior but aren’t sure why or how it happened?

Rest assured that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your child. These challenges are simply a sign of the times and all the shifts taking place in our modern world. That said, if kids don’t adapt, align with their strengths, and focus on the parts of life that bring true SATISFACTION they can easily become lost in all the distractions. That’s why we put together Make Your Child Indistractable. 

Make Your Child Indistractable is the first step in transforming your child’s behavior and working towards eliminating…


  • Cell phone addiction 
  • Social media dependence
  • Anxiety & overwhelm
  • Stress & self esteem difficulties
  • Bad grades & trouble focusing
  • And so much more!


5 Ways to Reduce Distraction in Kids

Concentration is a skill that can be acquired through continual practice. 


1. Limit Computer, Smart Phone, Video Games and TV Time

2. Have your Child Play Outdoors                                                              

3. Comfort and Distraction Time                                                              

With so much homework and activities that you have your child in they do need time to relax. A time for comfort. While studying, doing homework or working chores give them a break. It could be an electronic break or play break. 

4. Use the 3 Rules of Concentration                                                                                                                                              We teach the 3 rules of concentration at Anta’s Martial Arts Kids classes.                                                                                      Focus Your Eyes

 Focus Your Mind

 Focus Your Body                                                                                        

5. Martial Arts Training (My Favorite)

                                                                                                                                                                                                         At Anta’s Mixed Martial Arts Kids classes we have numerous ways to help children become Indistractible in a fun way that they’ll love.                                                       

A. Memorizing Techniques and Forms

B. Instructor Says Game

C. Freeze Game

D. Indistractible Challenge 


At Anta’s we are on a mission to make our children indistractible. For more information on making your child indistractible call us 305 599-3649 or come by our training center.